Learn How to Use This Module
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Narrator: Welcome! This is one in a series of self-paced modules that are aligned to the Maryland College and Career-Ready Standards.  This video will guide you through how to use the module and its features.

Each module includes 6 sections.

(Visual description: The six sections of the module are shown: Welcome, Learn It, Try It, Review It, Conquer It and Exit Ticket.)

Narrator: On the Welcome page, introductory information tells you about the module’s topic and what you will be learning.  To begin, click the Get Started button, the Next link or the page number at the bottom of the screen.

You can also use the top navigation area to move around the module.

(Visual description: The top navigation area is shown, highlighting the six sections of the module: Welcome, Learn It, Try It, Review It, Conquer It and Exit Ticket.)

Narrator: You will also see other links on the page for Glossary, tools, Teacher Resources and Accessibility. We will discuss these a bit later.

(Visual description: The Glossary button, gear icon representing tools, Teacher Resources link and Accessibility link are highlighted.)

Narrator: Now let’s go to the next section in the module, Learn It. This section provides instruction on the topic. If a section has two pages, you will see two dots at the top navigation area. You can click each button to access the Learn It pages.

(Visual description: The Learn It button is clicked from the top navigation area and the Learn It page appears. Two dots under Learn It in the top navigation area are highlighted and clicked to navigate to the two Learn It pages in the module.)

Narrator: After you finish here, advance to Try It, where you practice applying the skill that you learned. 

(Visual description: The Try It button is clicked and the Try It page appears. A multiple choice activity appears on the Try It page. An answer choice is selected in the activity and then the Submit button in clicked. Correct answer feedback appears.)

Narrator: Review It comes next.

(Visual description: Review It is clicked from the top navigation area and the Review It page appears.)

Narrator: This section reviews the topic and may provide additional opportunities to practice the skill.

The next section is Conquer It. This is your final opportunity to show what you know. Your teacher may ask you to print your results, so be sure to do your best.

(Visual description: Conquer It is clicked from the top navigation area and the Conquer It page appears. A short answer activity appears on the page. An answer is typed into the text field in the activity and then the Check Answer button is clicked. A print button appears beneath the answer feedback.)

Narrator: Finally, there is Exit Ticket, where you check off the sections that you completed.

(Visual description: Exit Ticket is clicked from the top navigation area and the Exit Ticket page appears. A multiple choice activity appears and four choices are selected, indicating that the Learn It, Try It, Review It and Conquer It sections of the module have been completed. The Submit button is clicked and congratulatory feedback appears.)

Narrator: Now let’s look at some of the additional links on the page. The glossary page includes key vocabulary and their definitions.

(Visual description: Glossary is clicked from the top navigation area and the Glossary page appears with definitions from the module.)

Narrator: Throughout the module, key vocabulary can also be clicked on for a definition. Click play to hear the definition read aloud.

(Visual description: The Welcome button is clicked from the top navigation area and the Welcome page appears where a key vocabulary term is highlighted and clicked. A pop-up appears with the definition of the word “culture.” The play button is clicked in the pop-up to hear the definition of the term. The close button is clicked to close the pop-up.)

Narrator: The Teacher Resources page contains detailed information about the module and additional resources for students.

(Visual description: The Teacher Resources link is clicked and the Teacher Resources page appears.)

Narrator: Accessibility explains how students using assistive technology can best use the module.

(Visual description: The Accessibility link is clicked and the Accessibility page appears.)

Narrator: Each module has two tools to help in your study: a highlighter and a line reader.
The highlighter allows you to highlight words, phrases or sentences. Just drag your mouse over what you want to select. Once the highlighter color palette appears, click a color and your selected words are now highlighted. To remove a highlight, select the words again and click the white color in the palette.

(Visual description: A phrase is highlighted on the page by selecting text and clicking a color on the color pallet. To demonstrate the removal of the highlight, text is selected again and the white color is selected in the pallet. The text highlight is removed.)

Narrator: The line reader will help you isolate text on the page as you read. The line reader can be accessed by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner of the page. Click Show/Hide Line Reader for the tool to appear.

(Visual description: The gear icon is highlighted and clicked. Show/Hide Line Reader is highlighted and clicked.)

Narrator: You can drag it to any location on the page. Resize it to focus on a specific area by clicking and dragging the diagonal lines to expand or contract the size of the box. Click and drag the horizontal lines in the middle of the line reader to make the box longer or shorter. To close the line reader, go back to the gear icon and click Show/Hide Line Reader again.

(Visual description: The line reader appears and is resized and manipulated over text on the screen. The line reader is removed by clicking on the gear icon and Show/Hide Line Reader again.)

Narrator: Take some time to explore the features of the module and enjoy learning new skills for college and career readiness!