This module is for Grades: 9-10 Welcome

Good drivers look for and pay attention to road signs. They also use maps to plan their trip if going on a long journey.  This helps them to anticipate what is ahead so they can arrive at their destination as planned. Good readers are a lot like good drivers. They prepare for their reading journey by previewing a text in order to determine the text structure. Knowing how the text is structured allows the reader to anticipate how the author will present information in the text.

In this activity, you will identify the text structure used to organize and present information in passages that explain the impact of Joseph Stalin and his policies on the former Soviet Union.

Module Objectives

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Analyze how the author uses text structure to emphasize key points or explanations in order to achieve the purpose for writing or point of view.
book pages and city grid extending from a tablet computer

Previewing an article or a book for text structure in preparation for reading and understanding the text is similar to using a map to plan for a journey.

Focus Standard

RH.9-10.5 - Analyze how a text uses structure to emphasize key points or advance an explanation or analysis.


  • Identification of text structure