Conquer It

From previous activities, we know that in 2014 3,392,600 people in Maryland were eligible to vote and the voter turnout for the primary election was 23% of the eligible voters, or 739,678.

In this activity, you will analyze both qualitative and quantitative forms of information about voter turnout in the Maryland 2014 general election. Then, use information from both sources to draw a conclusion that answers the following question:

Research Question:

How does Maryland voter turnout in the 2014 primary election compare to voter turnout in the 2014 general election? What are possible explanations for the differences in the voter turnouts?

Be sure to include in your answer both qualitative and quantitative information from the following sources:  

Baltimore Sun news article, 'Low, but steady' turnout seen at Maryland pollsopens in new window

Maryland State Board of Elections – Unofficial 2015 General Election Resultsopens in new window

To help you complete the activity, download and use the following graphic organizer.