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In addition to Kenya, Afghanistan is another nation that created a constitution in the 20th century, only to revise it later. The most recent version was written in 2004 following a long period of conflict and war. As you will see, Afghanistan’s constitution is similar to the U.S. Constitution in many ways, but also reflects the differences of this Asian nation.

a rendering of the globe showing the location of Afghanistan

In 2004, following a long period of conflict and war, Afghanistan revised its constitution, originally created in the 20th century. The highlighted portion of this globe shows the location of Afghanistan.
Image credit: Parvez gsm (original work), Shahid Parvez & Ssolbergj (derivative works) via Wikimedia Commons Opens a new window, GNU Free Documentation License.

Click on the following link to review the entire Afghanistan Constitution from the International Constitutional Law Project website:

Constitution of Afghanistan Opens a new window

Now, review passages of the Afghanistan constitution in their original form, and the interpretations of these primary source passages that would be found in a secondary source such as a textbook. Pay attention to how the secondary sources in the drop-down boxes support understanding of the primary source passages from the Constitution.

In the next activity you will identify the meaning of information in another nation’s constitution, and match primary source passages with secondary source explanations.