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The U.S. Constitution was created during an important time period in world history. It marked the beginning of changes to governments and leaders, and the spread of democracy. Gradually, many other nations became independent under a democratic government, much like the United States. Nations that adopted forms of democracy explain their governments in their own constitution. Like the U.S. version, these constitutions are written in complex and official language. Secondary sources provide clearer language that interprets the documents for us.

Kenya is a nation in Africa that became independent in 1963. It first created a constitution to organize its democratic government and explain people’s rights in 1969, and later revised the constitution in 2010.

a map of Africa with a section highlighted to show the location of Kenya

Kenya first created a constitution in 1969 to organize its democratic government and explain the people’s rights. The highlighted portion of this map shows the location of Kenya.
Image credit: Alvaro1984 18 (original work) & Flappiefh (derivative work) via Wikimedia Commons Opens a new window

In the drag-and-drop activity below, some boxes contain primary source passages from the Kenyan Constitution Opens a new window, and some boxes contain secondary source passages about the Kenyan Constitution. Drag each primary source passage and drop it next to the corresponding topic it discusses. Then, drag the secondary source passage that simplifies the primary source passage and drop it next to the primary source. (A multiple choice alternative activity is provided for students using keyboards or screen readers.)