Review It

You have used both written and video sources of information to write an informative/explanatory essay about the role of African Americans during the Civil War and the difficulties they faced as Union soldiers.

Use the following activity to review the steps for informative/explanatory writing.

Use the following information to review the characteristics of a well-written informative/explanatory writing.

Steps in Writing Informational / Explanatory Text

  1. Ask questions by putting together a list of questions focused on the topic you are going to use in your writing.
  2. Research and gather information about the topic by examining print, digital or other media resources looking for answers to your key questions.
  3. Select facts, details, examples and/or quotations that support your writing. Make sure your sources are credible and free of bias.
  4. Organize the facts, details, examples and/or quotations in a logical order so readers can best understand it.
  5. The final step is to write your essay.

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