Review It

You have used written sources of information to write an informative/explanatory essay about the legacy of Emmeline Pankhurst.

Use the following activity to review the steps for informative/explanatory writing.

Use the following information to review the characteristics of a well-written informative/explanatory writing.

Characteristics of a Well-Written Informative/Explanatory Essay

  • An introductory paragraph that contains the central idea of your writing and an indication of the information that follows
  • A logical organization understandable to the reader
  • Use of domain specific vocabulary for the field of study you are writing about
  • Solid support for your main points that can take the form of facts, examples, details, and/or quotations
  • Transitional words that connect ideas between paragraphs
  • A formal writing style that is objective, avoids contractions, slang or the use of "I" or "You"
  • A concluding paragraph that restates the main points in your writing and brings the essay to a close

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