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In this activity, you will use what you have learned about writing informative/explanatory text to write an essay explaining the legacy of Emmeline Pankhurst.

Use the resource links listed below to conduct your research on Emmeline, also known as Emily Pankhurst.

Emmeline Pankhurst: From Women in European Historyopens in new window

Emmeline Pankhurst Biographyopens in new window

Write an essay that explains the legacy of Emmeline Pankhurst. Your essay needs to include an introductory paragraph, at least one paragraph providing support for your main idea and a concluding paragraph.

As you write your essay, use the following key questions to help you explain the legacy of Emmeline Pankhurst:

  • Who was Emmeline Pankhurst?
  • What causes did she support?
  • Describe the methods she used to achieve her goals.
  • Why is she an important figure in women’s history?

You may use the Explanatory Writing Diagram and Graphic Organizer to guide your writing, or use a graphic organizer of your choice through the link to additional graphic organizers.

Explanatory Writing Diagram and Graphic Organizeropens in new window

Additional graphic organizers for writing explanatory textopens in new window

When you have written your informative/explanatory draft essay explaining the legacy of Emmeline Pankhurst , use the writer’s checklist below to review your work. Use your checklist as a guide to revise your draft and submit a final copy of your essay to your teacher.

Emmeline Pankhurst Checklistopens in new window