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In the previous activity, you integrated information from your analysis of both qualitative and quantitative forms of information. You discovered that approximately 300,000 American lives were lost during World War II and over 776,000 were either wounded or missing in action. The war caused women to enter the workforce in significant numbers and this trend did not end with the war.

In this activity, analyze both qualitative and quantitative forms of information and integrate the information in order to determine the impact of World War II on the Soviet Union.

Research Question:

“What was the impact of World War II on the military and civilian populations of the United States, the Soviet Union and China?”

Be sure to include in your answer qualitative and quantitative information from the following sources:

Dykman, JT, The Eisenhower Institute: The Soviet Experience in World War TwoOpens a new window

History Learning Site: RussiaOpens a new window

World Population Review: World War II DeathsOpens a new window

Business Insider: World War II Deaths as Percentage of PopulationOpens a new window

Download the graphic organizeropen in a new window to use as you conduct your research. The first row of research (see below) has been filled in for you. Click on the Glossary link for the definitions of bolded terms.

The Impact of World War II on the Soviet Union’s Civilian and Military Population
Qualitative Forms of Information Quantitative Forms of Information
Referred to by Russians as the Great Patriotic War

The populations of the United States and Russia were approximately the same during World War II.
20 million died in the Soviet Union during WWII.