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In this assessment activity, you will compare primary and secondary sources on the abolitionist Harriet Tubman. Unlike the previous activity, the primary source will not be writings from Harriet Tubman. This primary source comes from William Still, an abolitionist who worked with Harriet Tubman in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, after her escape to the North in 1849.

Download and print the graphic organizer to assist you with your analysis. Then, download and review the excerpts from primary and secondary sources about Harriet Tubman.

Complete the graphic organizer using information gathered from the resources. When you have entered all the information into the graphic organizer, select Show Answer to review the accurate responses.

Comparing Primary and Secondary Sources on Harriet Tubman: Graphic OrganizerOpens a new window

Primary source: Maryland State Archives: The Moses of Her People: Harriet TubmanOpens a new window
(Read the Introduction at the top of the page, which includes an excerpt from William Stills.)

Secondary Source: Public Broadcasting Service (PBS): Harriet Tubman c.1820-1913Opens a new window