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In this activity, you will read a primary and a secondary source describing the early life of Frederick Douglass as a slave. You will analyze the relationship between the primary source and the secondary source. You will consider who the author is, how the author knows this information, the author’s purpose in writing the text, and the author’s point of view. Then, compare the information given in both texts.

Download and print the graphic organizer to assist you with your analysis. Then, download and review the excerpts from primary and secondary sources on the topic of the early life of Frederick Douglass as a slave.

Complete the graphic organizer using information gathered from the resources. When you have entered all the information into the graphic organizer, select Show Answer to review the accurate responses.

Comparing Primary and Secondary Sources on Frederick Douglass: Graphic OrganizerOpens a new window

Primary source: University of Virginia: Life of an American Slave 1845Opens a new window

Secondary Source: Public Broadcasting Service (PBS): Frederick Douglass 1818-1895Opens a new window